Get future by AlfaStrakhovanie
Set of 16 images for futuristic FEDERAL DIGITAL&OUTDOOR ad campaign.​​​​​​​

Car insurance.
In future car will fly, go underwater, be ultrasafe, but accidents will happen 

Avia insurance.
In future planes will fly by solar energy, fly very fast, be ultracomfortable, but delays can not be avoided 

HR campaign
In future, you can control yourself climate, get online full diagnostic for your personal, eat ultrausefull food and do it where you want.

Campaign for sales personal.
If you want to be on top in future, sign billion-dollar contracts - you should to start now by AlfaForum (intranet).

Art-direction and retouching with Belle Ville Studio, WesternJack & Aleksander Kuskov
for DELUXE Interactive agency.

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