Social campaigne for Beeline

Many people took part in creation of these images:
Aleks_jq has gifted the christmas tree to me,
the illustration of the girl was created by Evgeny Tkach,
the snowflakes were made by bookkeeper and Alexandra Yourgen,
snowdrifts were felted by Nastya Soberg,
letters, flowers,shoose and christmas-tree decorations were drawn by Alina Smirnova,
the star was given by Ekaterina Uraeva,
foto by Roman Alyakhin,
designed by Sergey Nos,
art-buyer - Tatyana Evetskaya,
production - Catzwolf
copywriter - Kate Mareeva,
grouphead - Dina Polikarpova,
creative director - Andreas Toscano,
strategist - Alexey Bakirov,
account manager - Andrew Mironov,
moral support - Kate Kucherenko,
clients - Anna Boyatintseva and Alexandra Surina.
Numerals were created special for us by Alexandra Zaharova
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